KING-135 Ghosts of the Bayou Vol. 2 cover

KING-135 Ghosts of the Bayou Vol. 2


A perfect mix of Southern Swamp Blues, Americana and Southern Rock with a dark, gritty edge and haunting ambience.

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    1. Blue Voodoo


    GOODING; Deep, southern bluesy acoustic guitars, ghostly ambience and lap steel pair up with a banjo and drums.

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    2. Hell's Hollow


    GOODING; Gritty, distorted acoustic guitar, electric guitar and lap steel adorned with thunderous drums and a growling bass line.

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    3. St. Charles Parish


    GOODING; This track opens up with a haunting ambient sigh before the dark acoustic guitar and harmonics come in alongside a soft piano and banjo.

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    4. Candles Black and Gold


    GOODING; Dark acoustic guitar with a lead line all face a gigantic soundscape in the background.

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    5. Ghost Moon


    GOODING; A haunting and brooding soundscape with a Western feel. Features acoustic guitar as well as a ghostly piano leading into a strange and whispery breakdown.

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    6. Nathez Trace


    GOODING; Acoustic guitars, soft and sorrowful, lying in a bed of ambient noise with a lead solo midway through.

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    7. The Blue Angel


    GOODING; Soft acoustic guitar joined by spacey lap steel lines.