KING-138 Minimal Cinema cover

KING-138 Minimal Cinema

Both orchestral and ethereal, this album features piano, strings and other elements, filling each track with beautiful and emotional soundscapes.

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    1. Arising Rest


    ROSS GENTRY; Starts off with somber piano and is followed by smooth synths, haunting string lines and a warm electronic beat.

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    2. By the Light of the Torch


    ROSS GENTRY; This song opens up with a somber piano line and haunting strings that can make even the calmest of the calm feel uneasy.

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    3. Confirmations


    ROSS GENTRY; Gorgeous high piano vamping over a luscious full string section.

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    4. In the Same Spirit


    ROSS GENTRY; Gorgeous high piano vamping over a luscious full string section, with a warm electronic beat doused in reverb.

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    5. Night Come Back


    ROSS GENTRY; Upright bass paves the way for ethereal pads and beautiful bone chilling string lines.

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    6. On Water and On Land


    ROSS GENTRY; Droning synths and strings hover over a pulsing bassline, while calling out to the aether.

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    7. Room Shadow, Half Light


    ROSS GENTRY; Emotional piano, glockenspiel and dirty synths swirl throughout an ambient soundscape.

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    8. The Pale Reflection


    ROSS GENTRY; Piano and arpeggiated synths swim through a sea of reverb and are later accompanied by synthetic choir ahhs.

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    9. This Day Before Dawn


    ROSS GENTRY; Droning low string lines followed by a subtle fluttering electric guitar and beautiful piano melodies.

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    10. Winds And Woods


    ROSS GENTRY; Beautiful piano accompanied by an electronic beat, futuristic synth pads and strings.