KING-139 Uplifting and Inspirational Melodies cover

KING-139 Uplifting and Inspirational Melodies

Quirky and beautiful all at the same time. This album consists of uplifting and emotional piano, strings and much more.

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    1. Play of Shadows


    ROSS GENTRY; Quirky piano lines dance around while being accompanied by light percussion, dry string lines and a lead mandolin line.

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    2. All of These and More


    ROSS GENTRY; This song opens up with a simple acoustic guitar that’s joined by a high piano line, percussion, strings and a glockenspiel.

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    3. Arising, Answering, Descend


    ROSS GENTRY; Various sting lines, percussion and glockenspiel are what this quirky little number is comprised of.

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    4. It All Went Swimmingly


    ROSS GENTRY; Beautiful piano, glass bells and the marimba in this track make you feel inspired to reflect upon the day’s highlights.

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    5. The Answer That Waited


    ROSS GENTRY; Synths, drums, glockenspiel, guitar and marimba lay the walkway for this emotional journey.

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    6. Clear At Last


    ROSS GENTRY; Piano, glockenspiel, percussion and strings create this uplifting soundscape.

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    7. The Gliding Present


    ROSS GENTRY; Spritely mellotron, bells, piano and percussion are all married together to make this catchy little ditty.

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    8. From Your Memories


    ROSS GENTRY; This catchy number is comprised of dirty piano, bells and strings, perfect for those in between moments.

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    9. Two Together


    ROSS GENTRY; Very emotional piano, bells, horns and string lines create an inspirational narrative.

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    10. Never Too Close


    ROSS GENTRY; Beautiful piano accompanied by a beat, futuristic synth pads, strings and a glockenspiel lead line.