KING-143 Cinematic Indie Guitar cover

KING-143 Cinematic Indie Guitar

Exuberant and stunning acoustic guitar melodies that will conjure up feelings of child-like wonderment and bring forth inspiration to light up your day.

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    1. Angels Camp


    GOODING; An acoustic guitar rhythm lays down the bed for a spritely piano line and soft tambourine.

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    2. Boy Wonder


    GOODING; Gorgeous and soft acoustic guitar perfectly paired with a soft and lilting piano line

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    3. Coffee Coffee


    GOODING; A positive message is conveyed through soft picked acoustic guitar and reverb laden piano. Also features tambourine.

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    4. Dixon


    GOODING; A contemplative finger picked acoustic guitar married with a gorgeous sparse piano melody.

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    5. Fort Smith


    GOODING; A legato and slinky acoustic guitar line is adorned with reverb laden piano and light synth pad.

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    6. Merced Falls


    GOODING; A rolling and profound acoustic guitar line accompanied by sparse piano and soft tambourine.

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    7. Sabatini


    GOODING; Acoustic guitars, both choppy and legato drive this track along. Also features piano.

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    8. Sonora


    GOODING; An acoustic guitar song that starts off with plucked harmonics and blossoms into a stunning melody line adorned with piano and tambourine

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    9. The Grace and the Gamble


    GOODING; Soft and lush piano and acoustic guitar.

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    10. Ypsilanti


    GOODING; A busily picked acoustic guitar hangs over a minimal piano line.