King-144 Tech Series Digital Bell Illuminations cover

King-144 Tech Series Digital Bell Illuminations

Enchanting and rhythmically synthesized bell patterns ring out melodically, ushering in a technological and hypnotic feel.

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    1. Blackwing


    GOODING; Reverb laden soft bell patterns make way for a busy and beautiful piano line.

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    2. Blasting Caps


    GOODING; Fast-paced rhythmic bell patterns hang over sparse piano chords and percussion.

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    3. Fear of the Unknown


    GOODING; Chiming electronic bell patterns mixed with electric guitar. Features bells, percussion and electric guitar.

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    4. Kid Aztec


    GOODING; Lush and vibrant, soft bell rhythms float over piano.

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    5. Melton and Hua


    GOODING; A busy and pensive synthesized bell pattern runs over a low and mid synthline. Also features light pulsing percussion.

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    6. Mr. Morrow


    GOODING; Reverb laden bell lines sound as if thought they are emanating from with a subway station. Also features bass synth and piano.

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    7. Orion


    GOODING; A slow and contemplative bell line opens up a path for simple and sparse piano and a light bassline

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    8. Phase One


    GOODING; A delay laden synthesized bell patters blossoms into an atmospheric, reverse synth pad landscape.

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    9. Rain Dividing


    GOODING; Quick-paced bells pave the way for beautiful and lush field of piano and strings.

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    10. The Shimmer Forest


    GOODING; Soft and sleepy reverb laden bells set the scene for nighttime.