KING-042 Dirty South Hip Hop cover

KING-042 Dirty South Hip Hop

Mike G

This album is stocked full of some of the hottest, dirtiest and most current sounds heating up from down south. Lil Jon, TI and others paved the way for this style of tracks. Dirty rave synths and 808 drums touch almost every track. You won’t wanna miss this one!

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    1. To The Pros


    Dirty south club banger here! Perfect for Lil Jon and the crew.

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    2. My Glow (Inst.)


    808 drums all around for this crisp smack in the face. Dirty South style with grimey synths and alot of attitude.

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    3. Atl


    For the streets! A hard pounding driving beat with a strong string line.

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    4. Bang Bang (Inst.)


    Gut bucket down south drity style rap banger here.

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    5. Girls


    A perfect dirty south-style rnb track just beggin for vocals here.

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    6. Pay Attention (Inst.)


    A dirty south grimey banger here. 808 Bass, claps and hi hats. Perfect for Lil Jon and the crew.

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    7. Wild Kard


    Thumping bass and southern style scratches, with synth pads and leads throughout.

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    8. Y'all Don't


    Haunting minor key bass bed, features catchy synth lines and beautiful piano loop. Also features drum breakdown two-thirds of the way through.