KING-192 Felt Piano Nature's Ebb And Flow cover

KING-192 Felt Piano Nature's Ebb And Flow

Ross Gentry

Emotional and moving arrangements played delicately on a felt piano, surrounded by light strings, bells and other instruments.

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    1. A Handful Of Ashes


    ROSS GENTRY; Somber, delicate piano and light strings move forward together in a flowing river of reflection and emotion.

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    2. Among The Multitude


    ROSS GENTRY; A pensive, soft and delicate piano rhythm lays the path for icy and lush single piano notes that carry you away into another world.

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    3. Empty Streams


    ROSS GENTRY; Winter time is upon us as proof by the feeling that this song provides with bells and piano that dance and delicately fall like crystals of snow and the warm and distant french horn lines that makes you feel like you are cozied up by the hearth and looking out the window unto a winter wonderland.

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    4. Rhymes And Rhymers


    ROSS GENTRY; A song that reminds us of winter slowly fading away and making anew for life to return to the woods. Piano, bells, strings and more.

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    5. Under Paling Stars


    ROSS GENTRY; A magical and unsettling song that would fit perfectly into any children’s fantasy movie. Piano, strings and more.

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    6. To A Stranger


    ROSS GENTRY; A beautiful and sweeping piano and string melody that makes you feel warm and cozy on the inside. Piano, light brass and strings.

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    7. Thoughtful Sleepers


    ROSS GENTRY; A syncopated piano line that wraps around in an odd time signature and gives the listener a sense of a mysterious and unsettling feeling. Features sparkling bells, piano and strings.

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    8. Shapes Arise


    ROSS GENTRY; An up-tempo, simple, repetitive piano line is the foundation underneath dancing, short synth stabs and staccato string lines, as well as tinkling bells.

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    9. Pensive And Silent


    ROSS GENTRY; A midtempo song that reminds one of spring starting to really blossom and bloom. Features driving piano and string lines.

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    10. A Glimpse


    ROSS GENTRY; A more classical sounding piano melody sets the mood for this midtempo, uplifting and cute little number.