KING-026 Gritty Street Hip Hop cover

KING-026 Gritty Street Hip Hop

Mike G

The familiar sounds of dirty underground rap and R&B blend together with popping urban beat loops accented by string stabs and orchestra hits.

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    1. Crunk


    MIKE G; Pushed forward snares and claps with a dirty, sharp synth line.

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    2. Drive By


    MIKE G; A true gut bucket gangsta style drive-by track with guns and car samples. Watch out for stray bullets!

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    3. Explosive


    MIKE G; Staccatto string hits and a meandering electric bass create confidence in the face of danger.

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    4. Gezebel


    MIKE G; Hip and edgy with accented piano and a smooth string line.

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    5. Harp


    MIKE G; An organ loop sample trades focus with sleigh bells and an assertive beat loop.

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    6. Must Have


    MIKE G; A twisty-twirly harpsichord tone stands out amongst urban beat loops, static bass, and string hits.

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    7. Sign


    MIKE G; Sensual and ethereal with swirling synths, bells and chimes, and a sultry acoustic guitar line.

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    8. Ty


    MIKE G; Slamming bass and deep beats build a New York style dirty tune.

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    9. Glory Bells


    MIKE G; All electric all the way; sensitive chime and pizzicatto strings synths with a synth drum and bass line.