KING-200 Make Something Beautiful cover

KING-200 Make Something Beautiful

Erin O'Neill

Gorgeous, beautiful, mysterious, well crafted songs from the heart with ethereal, angelic female vocal textures. Features vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths, strings and more.

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    1. 143


    GOODING/O’NEILL; Lightly fingered picked acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth bass and female ooohs take you on an ascending journey to the heavens.

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    2. Broken Light and Shadow


    GOODING/O’NEILL; Heavy, pulsing percussion and synth bass are accompanied by sparkling synths, piano, strings and breathtaking female vocal phrases layered to perfection.

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    3. Half Darkness


    GOODING/O’NEILL; A mysterious and enchanting song layered with angelic female vocal phrases, sparkling synths and heavy synth drones.

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    4. A Call For Mercy


    GOODING/O’NEILL; Dark drones, brightly strummed hammer dulcimer, unworldly pads and ascending synth textures come together to create an out of body experience.

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    5. Pain And Purpose


    GOODING/O’NEILL; A beautiful and mysterious song comprised of female vocal phrasings, droning strings, and heavy, deep synth bass.

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    6. The Burning Sea


    GOODING/O’NEILL; Hammered acoustic guitar, ethereal floating synths, deep synth bass and female vocal phrases are the foundation for this touching song.

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    7. Fat White Clouds


    GOODING/O’NEILL; An uptempo piano line starts off and is quickly joined by warm glockenspiel bells, heavy low synth bass, female vocal phrases and deep hitting percussion.

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    8. The Dull Roar Of Regret


    GOODING/O’NEILL; Synth choirs, distorted pads, bubbling synth bass and female vocal phrases combined, create a tense and dramatic situation.

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    9. Gentle Heart


    GOODING/O’NEILL; Lower pitched bell patterns, heavenly synths, hammered acoustic guitar, female vocal phrases, upright bass and strings are married perfectly together to present this beautiful and mysterious journey.