KING-204 88 Keys Drama and Beauty cover

KING-204 88 Keys Drama and Beauty

Craig Morris

Heartfelt songs written on the piano featuring legendary musicians, Craig Morris (Ray Charles, Loretta Lynn) from Nashville, TN. and Donna Morris (Al Green, Elvis) on vocals. Features piano, drums, percussion, synths and more.

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    1. Watching The Skyline


    CRAIG MORRIS; Beautiful arpeggiated, running piano lines, pounding hits from percussion, angelic vocal aaaahhhhhs and more.

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    2. The Path Of Fire


    CRAIG MORRIS; A touching piano melody opens up this song and is soon accompanied by percussion hits, angelic vocal ooooohs and dramatic piano chords to help build the sense of growing tension and drama.

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    3. Absorbing Light


    CRAIG MORRIS; A darker and dramatic song featuring vocal textures, pulsing percussion, lilting piano arppegiations and more.

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    4. Siren Song


    CRAIG MORRIS; A beautiful distant piano rhythm starts off and is soon joined in by vocal textures and sparse piano chords.

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    5. Reflecting Light


    CRAIG MORRIS; Soft, percussive piano chords, floating and ethereal synth pads, light percussion and more evolve throughout the track.

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    6. Riverbottom


    CRAIG MORRIS; An upbeat and inspiring piano line picks you up and gets you ready to get going throughout the day. Features piano, choral vocal textures, percussion and more.

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    7. Rain And Candles


    CRAIG MORRIS; Soft, pulsing piano rhythms and spritely, nimble piano melodies rise up and down as this track builds and grows.

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    8. How Little We Know


    CRAIG MORRIS; This song starts off with a soft piano arpeggio that has piano frills sprinkled all over it and is soon accompanied by vocal textures and gorgeous piano chords.

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    9. Dim The Lights


    CRAIG MORRIS; Soft, arpeggiated piano lines and more traditional piano chords evoke the memory of many famous melodies.

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    10. Mr. Make Believe


    CRAIG MORRIS; Beautiful and soft inspiring piano chords and rhythms makes you feel like you are in a house of worship. Features piano, percussion and vocal textures.

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    11. A Shared Dream


    CRAIG MORRIS; A very gorgeous song played on piano that is very reminiscent of some famous melodies. Features piano and vocals.