KING-218 Mallet Magic Vol. 1 cover

KING-218 Mallet Magic Vol. 1


Mallets, mallets, mallets and more mallets! This album is centered around clever and catchy mallet phrases played on a multitude of different percussion instruments. Features mallets, drums, electric guitars, bass and more.

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    1. Pinnacle Hill


    A groovy track featuring mallets on a marimba, glockenspiel and vibraphone. Also features electric guitar, drums and bass.

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    2. Marionettes


    A simple mallet melody starts off and is soon joined by thunderous percussion, stick clacks, vibraphone, guitars and other percussion.

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    3. Giants In The Earth


    A very mysterious and spacious atmosphere filled with staccato mallets, sparse piano lines, drums and more.

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    4. 15 Billion Footprints


    Catchy mallet patterns, playful piano, bass and more set the tone for this uplifting track.

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    5. Liquid Fire


    Lots of tension and mystery are felt throughout this clever track that is filled with guitars, mallets, percussion and more.

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    6. Every Moving Thing


    Muted mallet lines, piano, synths and more dance with each other in this lighter and simpler track.

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    7. Lite Bright


    Multiple mallet patterns complement each other as reversed fx, reverb laden piano and more take the back stage.

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    8. Carlton Street


    Good vibes are in the air with this softer and positive track filled with multiple mallet patterns, bells, synths and more.

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    9. Forcefields


    Dancing mallet lines, percussive, sparkling guitar lines, bass and more.

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    10. Seahorses


    Positive vibes flowing freely, propelled forward by bass, mallets, fx, guitars and more.