KING-049 Old School Hip Hop cover

KING-049 Old School Hip Hop

Mike G

We’re taking it back to the old school on this one. This album is full of some of the hip hop scene‚Äôs favorite style and edge. Dirty samples and crusty breaks fill this one up as you sit back and reminisce about yesterday.

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    1. Jooga


    Nasty breakbeat with a live drummer feel. Dirty synths. This one is a New York style banger for sure!

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    2. Brickbeat Mansion


    A great sounding old school type of production here. Grimey samples, drums and sounds. This one will give you some of that classic underground old school feel that you’ve been missing.

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    3. In the Shadows


    Dark old chool production make this one what it is. A cool latenight one makes you feel like someone might be lurking in the shadows.

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    4. Latin Hip


    A cool track with beat loop ethnic percussion and great sounds.

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    5. Love Essence


    Smooth chilled laid back trumpets and rhodes lay the scene for this silky number.

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    6. Old Hits


    A cool sounding old school track with grimey drums and sliced up samples create this tastey texture.

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    7. Square Off


    Grimey street style production here with crusty samples. This one will make you wanna square off with your oppostion.