KING-045 Delicious Urban Funk cover

KING-045 Delicious Urban Funk


Elements of rock, funk and hip-hop combine to create moody pieces that often take unexpected turns.

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    1. Incoming


    This hip urban rock tune is evocative of city lights reflecting off of damp pavement.

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    2. Licorice & Grape Kool-Aid


    This tune turns up the funk and wah-wah’s its way through to a vibraphone feature and hip upbeat back-end build.

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    3. Rest of Us (Inst. Mix)


    Funky, simple, sexy. Distorted drums and dark synths. Think Peter Gabriel meets prince.

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    4. Upper Level Disturbance


    Spooky and ethereal soundscaping gives way to hip drums and an edgy bass line in this chill lounge tune.

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    5. Stealin' on em (Inst.)


    Hard-hitting bombastic drum loops blend together with sensual guitars and plucked strings in this smooth number.

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    6. Miami Beach Blvd.


    Live funk drums, smooth bass, fake piano, police scanners and congas.

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    7. Fall From Grace


    This song opens with an in your face crunched out bass riff and techno bass drum groove reminiscent of the industrial music of Trent Reznor. The middle of the song turns what could be a groovy dance number into a beautiful and fully realized dark, moody number.

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    8. Stop Gap


    Slick slap bass accents urban drum loops and infectious guitar phrases in this smooth confident jam.