KING-003 Massive Hip Hop cover

KING-003 Massive Hip Hop

Loud, proud, and exploding with confidence while showing the world what Hip Hop sounds like.

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    1. Contender


    Thumping dirty hip hop straight from the middle of the country featuring male vocals. Get ready to fight!

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    2. Everybody


    Space age hip hop with laser synth stabs, layered kicks and claps featuring male vocals about a wild night in the club.

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    3. Like What


    Banging club beats and accented chorus repetition featuring male vocals about hitting the streets with star cred.

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    4. Lock This Down


    Smooth hip hop with claps and urban synth stabs featuring male vocals about star power so huge it explodes into outer space.

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    5. The Movement


    Massive dance floor beats featuring ravey synths, a ton of energetic confidence, and male vocals about music making people move.

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    6. Nemesis


    Super huge hip hop soundtrack-style street banger with horn blasts and bongo loops featuring male vocals with hype-machine lyrics about looking to start a fight.

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    7. Saucey


    Fun-loving free spirited hip hop with slamming drum loops and an energetic hook, featuring male vocals about going all the way and coming out on top..

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    8. U Can Talk


    Quirky and offbeat hip hop with down south style, grimey FX and female vocal sample. Featuring gut bucket male vocals talk about going back south after rising to fame.

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    9. Gettin That Money


    Huge, slamming anthemic hip hop with major orchestra hits, synth stabs, huge beats, and in-your-face male vocals about money and fame.

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    10. Blow Ya Smoke (Remix)


    Medium tempo hip hop with breakbeat drums and funky old school soul guitar/bass riffs featuring male vocals about kicking back with friends and relaxing in style.

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    11. Million Bucks


    Smooth and sensual mid tempo hip hop pop with 808 drums, dirty swirling synths, crunchy fuzz bass, male MC and male vocal hook about feeling like you’re on top of the world.