KING-005 Silverlake Indie cover

KING-005 Silverlake Indie


Quirky indie darlings and road tested rock.

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    1. Hearts That Can't Be Healed


    GOODING; Up tempo and emotional pop ballad with swelling EBow waves and male vocals about the coming to terms with the inevitability of an incompatible relationship

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    2. Hearts That Can't Be Healed- Underscore


    GOODING; Up tempo and emotional pop ballad underscore with swelling EBow waves.

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    3. Allies


    GOODING; Upbeat and optimistic indie pop with thumping drums. banjo and slide guitar featuring male vocals about being about to count on the lasting bond of friendship.

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    4. Shine Part 1


    GOODING; Down tempo indie rock lullaby instrumental that opens romantically with xylophone and sweetly moves through its progression with sugar, spice, and acoustic guitar.

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    5. Shine Part 2


    GOODING; Faster and more upbeat counterpart to Shine Part 1, featuring bells and a synth texture that sounds like a flute.

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    6. Spring Weather


    MIKE G; Upbeat, fun, carefree and optimistic indie acoustic pop instrumental featuring hand claps, bells, and piano mixed fun sung “ba-da’s”.

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    7. Free


    GOODING; Deep and edgy guitar with hard rock with male vocals about escaping from the burdens of a bogged down mind.

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    8. Looking For Signs


    GOODING; Medium tempo, contemplating and uplifting rock that starts off lost and forlorn, yet reaches an optimistic vibe in the back-end. Featuring male vocals about searching for something to believe in.

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    9. Shaking the Foundation


    GOODING; Nostalgic and bittersweet rock featuring acoustic and electric guitar with male vocals about breaking free of stagnation and rejecting the status quo.

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    10. Ain't Nobody Waiting


    GOODING; A catchy send-off to an ex-lover set to a catchy guitar riff, complete with a slide-guitar solo.