KING-053 Harsh Tension cover

KING-053 Harsh Tension


An eclectic amalgamation of percussive elements, drum loops, synth swells, skewed vocal samples, and edged-out bitty crunch leads, these industrial tracks evoke the electronic intensity of Trent Reznor film scores.

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    1. Broken (Inst. Mix)


    Grand piano and whale samples, breakbeat drums and dark industrial fuzz. Extremely moody and dramatic.

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    2. Panic Techno Bed


    Crunching guitars and hectic drumming make this a perfect track for anything and everything badass.

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    3. Bash


    Scattered percussion intro. Dark-industrial and ominous. Hard compressed beats. Aggressive broken strings. Delayed bells. Used in our DVD for streets of chicago footage. Around 3 minutes- cool breakbeats scrap solo to edit to. 3:29 lifts up and double time at 3:44.

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    4. Dreams Without Humans


    This foreboding track employs distorted vocal samples and guitar riffs in minor keys to convey a rather dim outlook for the future of the planet.

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    5. Factory Blue


    This track walks the line between sexy and frightening, combining female vocal samples, crashing drums and skittering synths in diabolical mixture.

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    6. Panic (Inst.)


    Catchy Hook- big beat loops. Not dark as other tracks. Funky with distorted moog bass. Good for sports commercial. Around 2 minutes are breaks. 2:17 is breakdown. Hard breaks again at 3:33.

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    7. Come Heavy or Don't Come At All


    Brooding and electronic, this track embraces the use of robotic sounds against a backdrop of a steady rock beat and swirling guitars.