KING-050 Classic Detroit House cover

KING-050 Classic Detroit House

Mike G

Upbeat and sexy, these techno beat loops layer in electronic accents, synthesized melodies, and pulse-pounding drum beats. Good for film and TV, perfect for commercials and industrial spots; you can almost picture drinks being poured over misting ice.

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    1. Different


    This track recalls a more low-key version of Tony Wilson’s Manchester: smooth drum loops, female vocal samples, and a slinky bass line.

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    2. Feedback


    Pulsing drum and bass move in lockstep on this track, likely to inspire lengthy stints of hypnotic dancing.

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    3. Get On


    This track showcases a classic techno trope: building a beat, making it sound as if it’s underwater, and then slowly bringing it back from the depths. Built around a fun and instructive vocal sample, this track is sure to get the rave started.

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    4. Attention


    Chill music for a slow and somber party. Almost hypnotic in its low grumbles and energetic beat. Less for an all out party than the triptastic walk from the entrance of a rave to the dance floor.

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    5. Bongo House


    The title of this track is no lie: a bongo beat drives a funky house groove.

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    6. Late Night 330


    Smooth and sensual wind chimes welcome you into this classic house track, replete with synth stabs and staccato beats.

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    7. Move Hussie


    Part booty-shaking hip-hop, part quirky electronica, the beats and beeps of this track are sure to get you moving.

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    8. New House


    Synth stabs and hand claps welcome you into this track while the heart beat bass makes you feel right at home in this techno trance track.

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    9. Steppin Out


    A four to the floor beat and a subtle yet pervasive bass line make this track the perfect example of what techno sounded like when it was first imagined.

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    10. Techcrunch


    A catchy synth hook is the centerpiece of this techno track, accompanied of course by a persistent head-bopping beat.