KING-008 Rusty Gears cover

KING-008 Rusty Gears


Straight from the Crossroads comes this collection of foot stomping Southern blues mixed with modern rock.

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    1. Charlatan


    GOODING; Medium tempo, dark and hauntingly bluesy roots rock acoustic wailer with male vocals chronicling the travails of a man wrapped up in the coils of an unfaithful woman.

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    2. Little America


    GOODING; Fast and nimble acoustic blues guitar melody featuring male vocals about feeling lost in the world around him.

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    3. Rank and File


    GOODING; Twangy delta blues meets modern rock sensibilities with foot stomping beat and male vocals that take a cynical look at the way the world operates.

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    4. This Way Child


    GOODING; Bluesy country rocker featuring intricate guitar work and male vocals about self-empowerment and perseverance.

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    5. This Way Child--Underscore


    GOODING; Bluesy country rocker underscore featuring intricate guitar work.

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    6. No One Gets Out Alive


    GOODING; Dark and bluesy 80s rocker featuring edgy guitar and a synth horn section that pack a punch. Featuring male vocals damage that can be done in the name of love.

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    7. Get It Right This Time


    GOODING; Up tempo acoustic blues featuring a foot stomping rhythm section, a catchy chorus and male vocals telling a rollicking tale of unrequited love.

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    8. Jealous Hearted Fool


    GOODING; Bluesy rock featuring gritty guitar stabs, mid tempo rhythm section and male vocals telling the tale of a man wrapped up in the clutches of a devious woman.

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    9. Ride On


    GOODING; Up tempo and rollicking blues rock featuring distorted guitars and emphatic and empowered male vocals with a “never give up” message at its core.