KING-013 The 13th Floor cover

KING-013 The 13th Floor


Ambient soundscapes combine with hard guitar rock and dynamic layered sound design to create ominous sounds and spine tingling music. The elevator now has a button to the dark recesses of your mind

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    1. Driving Choir Horror Cue


    A hard rock blood pumping metal track with creepy chimes and a chorus of demons.

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    2. Ghostfields


    An ambient soundscore gives way to an intensely building and haunting track.

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    3. Breaking From the Shell


    Heavy drums force their way out of what’s at first a lush and foreboding piano soundscape.

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    4. Creepy Dark Rise


    A haunting and sparse piano track tortured by industrial dentistry sounds and a choir of innocents.

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    5. Static Isolate


    A vintage echoing soundscore evocative of a lonely trip to an abandoned attic.

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    6. Spooky For Billy


    Ambient and percussive with a distorted thumping heart.

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    7. Cooder's Revenge Remix


    Dark reverberating guitars and ambiant textures blend in perfect horror.

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    8. Leonard and The Snake Lake


    A pulse pounding industrial track with a sound story of mystery and psychological terror.

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    9. Creepy Dark Orchestra


    What starts as a simple arpeggio piano line soon transforms into an all-out spook fest with ghostly snare and moody undercurrents.

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    10. The Devil's Kitchen


    Ethereal tones and metal hits set the stage for a startling distortion rock guitar feature.

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    11. Ambient Slow Serra


    A spooky and intriguing track featuring a ghostly melody line.

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    12. Clap If You Love Vampires


    A weird and devilish cue featuring an eclectic mix of spooky sound design, dark voices, and rising guitar swells.

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    13. Creepy Dark Fall


    A beautiful but sad piano line puts listeners into a false state of ease, ill-prepared for the terror that awaits them.

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    14. Creepy Dark Interlace


    A deceivingly gentle piano intro gives way to a dramatic and swelling trailer-ready score.

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    15. Deranged Cue


    A nightmarish mix of scattered percussion, crunchy sound design, and haunting bell hits.

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    16. Fright Cue


    A dark and brooding track that gets the pulse pounding with screeching synth, proud drums, and a sinister pitch tone.

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    17. Nightmare Cue (Reverse Mix)


    Pockets of energy infuse a futurist distinctly sci-fi vibe.

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    18. Saint Louis 1 Goodbye


    An ambient relaxer gets overtaken by the voice of a synthesized demon.

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    19. Sleepy's Room


    A scary screamer using bells and dark sound FX to create a weird, weird world.