KING-009 Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Vengeance cover

KING-009 Kingdom 2 Trailer Series: Vengeance

Mike G

Heart pounding, high octane orchestral rock trailers.

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    1. The Getaway Guys


    MIKE G; Up tempo rock orchestral track filled with suspenseful strings and hard-hitting beats. Escape by the skin of your teeth!

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    2. Life Renewed


    MIKE G; Dark strings and electronic drums labor toward a dramatic climax.

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    3. Scene Flee


    MIKE G; Up tempo rock orchestral with mounting tension and blaring horns. Featuring wild electronic flutterings best suited for a high-octane chase.

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    4. Anti-Hero


    MIKE G; Medium tempo twisted trailer cue featuring an ominous acoustic guitar, hinting at a troubled mind and a dark past.

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    5. Drawing of the Three


    MIKE G; Bleak horns build toward a sense of adventure, shifting to an electronic grittiness perfectly suited for any dark vigilante.

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    6. Antigua


    MIKE G; A bombastic orchestral front-end, an electronic mid-end stop down and orchestral rock section, and a tempo-rise orchestral back-end all combine to make for an exciting track that will keep you guessing.

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    7. Dream Extraction


    MIKE G; Beautifully combining electric guitar rock elements, electro-synth effects, and horn and string swells, conjuring up feelings of a dark and murky world.

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    8. Glitch Proof


    MIKE G; Clean electric guitar and strings front-end, mid-section electro textures, drum stop-down, and back-end that combines all the elements with a climactic rise.

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    9. Overlooking Gotham


    MIKE G; Rock orchestral instrument soaring from the rooftops, with strings audaciously wailing against the night sky. Our crime-infested city needs a hero.