KING-034 Tales of Love and Adventure cover

KING-034 Tales of Love and Adventure


Prepare to be swept away by these story-driven romantic adventure trailer cues. This collection evokes images of sun-drenched mountain chateaus, and daring Brazilian escapades. From films like “Romancing the Stone” to “Eat Pray Love”, this collection brings an exciting level of intrigue and sensuality to any scene or Trailer.

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    1. 3/4 Romance


    Mid-tempo sensual drums lay down a bed for vibrant celebratory horns in this smooth, romantic action tune.

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    2. My Love


    Front-end acoustic guitars are quickly mixed in with an urban beat loop. Mid-section has a pretty fuzz guitar solo, with a chill, soothing back end acoustic finish.

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    3. Nothing Really Matters


    Thematic intro of harp- bells and driving drum loop. Good driving music.
    Distorted drums, breakbeats, 12 string guitars and darkness thoughout. Closes with drums only.

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    4. Collapse


    A subtle and haunting piano line fuses together with vibrato strings. Just when you think all is at peace, a dark melody seizes the song with powerful trailer drums, taking things to a dark adventurous finish.

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    5. Pretty Dark


    A mid-tempo tune with the rock intensity of an uptempo, this song lays its soft confidence in the hands of an action-packed drum sequence and smoothly sensual guitar licks.

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    6. Quirky Pretty March


    Stately military drums open this eccentric tune with a bang. A smooth piano part plays yin to the yang of weird plucked strings reminiscent of creepy scoring elements in “Dexter”.

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    7. Sad Choir


    A hip mid-tempo electro beat pairs with a forbidden grumble-tone when a tragic choir comes in to send this song off to drama-town.