KING-036 The Quick Sell cover

KING-036 The Quick Sell


These professional and innovative scores run a variety of genres from contemporary electronic, to new wave rock and are designed specifically for the commercial advertising world (both product-based and for film trailers). They run the exact 60-second industry standard and are perfect to temp with and edit to.

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    1. It's All Happening


    Fast-paced and fun, this pop-punk rock track is sure to get your body moving,

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    2. Ocean of Sand


    This rock fusion track pulses with a middle eastern desert feel.

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    3. Start Up Shake Down


    This upbeat electro tune evokes a high-energy sports contest: speeding cars, screaming fans.

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    4. Hard Guitar Funk


    This guitar heavy jam moves from crashing cymbals and and a heavy bass line with moments of suprising reverb.

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    5. Hard Reggae


    A funky guitar riff and subtle organ notes meet a mellow horn section to create a fun and edgy track.

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    6. Lanois 2


    This eery, echoing guitar lick is at once sentimental and open-ended.

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    7. Oasis


    This hybrid world beat has a vibrant, haunting desert sound and a driving rhythm.

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    8. Quik Wrek


    Tiny little thing with drum set recorded on radio shack jambox. Old electric piano spins around with funk bass and strat. More bluesy than most.

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    9. Valiha Builds to Explode


    This bass heavy electronic beat is at once mysterious and rhythmically pleasing, carrying through to a dramatic finish.

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    10. Whammy


    This song features a churning bass line and squealing guitars that climb to an inevitable climax.

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    11. Hey Let's Go


    This unique rock anthem features chugging guitars, a steady beat and a chorus you can shout along to.