KING-060 Ice Caverns cover

KING-060 Ice Caverns


Dark, moody, and atmospheric, these eclectic tracks bring together layers of gorgeous ambient synth tones with surprisingly moving classical guitar melodies. Great for moments of contemplative searching and misty night journeys, this collection fills in the spaces with its echoing chill.

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    1. Bathyal Zone


    This track is the perfect combination of a swirling soundscape and an ominous rock anthem.

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    2. Cobble Together


    GOODING; Electronic track transitions from angst-ridden and haunting to moody and emotional, utilizing sparse piano and a driving beat.

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    3. Ghostbomb/Magnatone


    What starts off sounding like a distant and forgotten child’s song, soon morphs into a desert melody lost in a sand storm.

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    4. Forgotten Family Noise


    GOODING; Gorgeous and emotional track uses acoustic guitar and reverse vocal samples to contrast the eerie with the beautiful.

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    5. Bittersweet


    GOODING; Slow, ambient lullaby morphs into dissonant, echoing and eerie rock instrumental.

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    6. Back Alley Rainy Night Movie Theme


    This track melds gritty urban beats with soaring guitars to great effect.

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    7. Little Yellow Bird


    Sweeping synths and a toy piano lay introduce us to the world of this track, only to envelop us in a pulsing beat and an echoing synth melody.

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    8. Black Plaques


    GOODING; Atmospheric and soothing ambient that takes a left turn into a dark and weird territory.

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    9. L8 100 Glowstar


    GOODING; Scary auditory collage, packed with reverberating synth pads, static percussive tones, and mournful echo piano.

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    10. Swim Swim


    GOODING; Haunting intro gives way to a frenetic beat with a sparse funky bass solo.