KING-017 Desert Missives cover

KING-017 Desert Missives


Out in the desert, you only can hear your thoughts. Desert Missives combines traditional blues riffs and acoustic guitar with orchestral and percussive elements to set the scene for your musings.

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    1. Constellation


    Vibrating ebow guitar punctuates the acceptance of the end.

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    2. Avondale


    Haunting and ethereal with a chilling moody despair and beautiful reverberations.

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    3. Travels


    A mellow start turns to uplifting acoustics swooping and diving. A climatic last note rings into reverb. Perfect for a road movie.

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    4. The Small Hours


    Somber and melancholic clean electric guitar with deeply reverberating undertones and synth percussive taps.

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    5. Eight State Quarters and a Liberty Nickel


    GOODING; Nimble guitar line twists through tight drumming that features the snare and high-hat.

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    6. Montana Girl


    GOODING; Electronic beats and ambient industrial tones melded with rootsy guitar licks.

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    7. Music and Medicine


    GOODING; Ominous and brooding swamp blues instrumental with broken toy piano, didgeridoo and cash register bells.

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    8. Red Clay Pass


    GOODING; Medium tempo acoustic blues featuring slide guitar and a quick paced melodic solo.

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    9. Toad


    GOODING; Quirky minor slide guitars over southern acoustics.