KING-018 Through the Flames cover

KING-018 Through the Flames

Less Than X

Aggressive metal tracks with distorted riffs and steady rock percussion. Perfect for those moments when you desire to set yourself on fire and jump your motorcycle through a flaming hoop over the Grand Canyon.

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    1. Back For More


    MIKE G; Fast and aggressive hard rock metal head banger instrumental with chugging guitars.

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    2. Indigenous


    MIKE G; Up tempo guitar groove metal instrumental with heavily distorted low end bass and pounding drums.

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    3. Again


    MIKE G; Up tempo heavy guitar riffs and a simple rock beat give way to shoegazer chorus.

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    4. Cutting Glass


    MIKE G; Up tempo hard rock with layered, aggressive guitar riffs.

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    5. Down The Pipe


    MIKE G; Up tempo metal with wobbly bass-line and psychedelic slant.

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    6. Esoteric


    MIKE G; Up tempo hook driven guitar riffs punctuated by a steady chugging southern guitar.

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    7. Final Chance


    MIKE G; Up tempo metal with loud/soft dynamic throughout, alternates between outright aggression and more foreboding moments.

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    8. Give It Up


    MIKE G; Up tempo, wild heavy rock with a cocky attitude and reckless abandon.

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    9. Here To Stay


    MIKE G; Up tempo and driving punk leaning metal with chugging guitars.

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    10. Bricks and Mortar


    MIKE G; Up tempo and frenetic alternative metal with guitar playing that leads to wall of sound climax.