KING-043 Murky Waters cover

KING-043 Murky Waters


Network television-ready; these tracks will nestle gently into the underscore of any of today’s hit TV dramas. These tracks feature a confident minimalism that enables them to provide atmosphere without dictating tone, making them the perfect choice for dialogue underscoring.

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    1. Dark Water


    Slow and smooth electric guitar glides over a sultry beat. Mysterious and seductive to start out, things heat up when a steady beat drops in with some piano. After a brooding and echoing interlude, a moody, wandering guitar comes back in with sampled vocals and other textures. Finishes off strong and confident.

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    2. Leaving The Fort


    Shimmering sustained strings draw us into a sentimental and touching orchestral mood. A sweet, sad song that is brimming with emotion. It feels like a tearful goodbye.

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    3. If The Empire Crumbles

    A soulful guitar melody wanders over a clock like beat. A little mysterious, a little sneaky, like a double agent you don’t know whose side this song is on.
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    4. Angelo


    For one my heroes- Angelo Badalementi. Think Lost highway Sndtk. Low Bass, Ethereal synth, Real Grand Piano- scraps of bluesy solo guitar.

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    5. Dirge


    Echoing piano meanders through a fantasy soundscape, sentimental and a bit magical. The tone grows darker in the second half of the song with a tense driving beat and industrial texture.

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    6. Frank Anthony Santucci


    Bells and gongs echo with foreboding. Starting out slow and dark, a steady beat builds into a military drive followed by swelling orchestral theme.

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    7. Gorgeous Gabriel


    Something strange is going on and this track is going to figure it out! Mysterious and tentative, reminiscent of the X-Files.

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    8. Hope (Inst.)


    Cool and serious, a steady beat with shimmering keyboard. Progresses subtly, changing and shifting focus over time. Sets a great mood for doing something illegal.

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    9. Ink Black World


    This dark, synthesized guitar beat is dangerous and distorted, but is also peppered with soulful guitar licks and electronic feedback.

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    10. Last Days


    Starting out a bit creepy and mysterious, this track slowly builds into driving guitar rock.