KING-025 City of Lights and Sound cover

KING-025 City of Lights and Sound


An eccentric blend of cross-continental instrumentation, shifting time signatures, and otherworldly soundscapes create an utterly unique auditory experience.

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    1. DJ Sandpaper's Haunted House


    GOODING; Dark slimy- sandpaper played on drum heads at the end. Slide guitar and live drums and bass.

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    2. Cloudbusting


    GOODING; Urban beat loops complement a chill, mid tempo tune with a surprising fuzz bass interruption.

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    3. Soldiermaking


    GOODING; A mid-tempo exploration of eclectic rock elements builds to a rootsy rocking finish.

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    4. Anger Below


    GOODING; A funky combo of live drums, smooth bass, piano, police scanners fx, and congas.

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    5. For LSV


    GOODING; Approaching a worldbeat vibe with djembe, triangles, and funk guitar with a drum and guitar breakdown.

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    6. In Ten


    GOODING; Clavinets, drums, guitar, and loose rhythmic writing structure create a jam-band vibe.

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    7. L.A.


    GOODING; A hip and confident cityscape, with reverse synths, plucked urban bass, and impressive drum fills.

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    8. Lullaby 6


    GOODING; Trip hop beats with pretty classical guitar melody and a bizarre ethereal surprise ending.

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    9. Realization


    GOODING; An ominous and enchanting soundscape with distant waterdrop electric piano, spooky percussion snaps, and pulsating synth bass.

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    10. Steel


    GOODING; Pounding and persistent drums lay the ground work for rootsy guitars and deep bass.

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    11. Sync


    GOODING; Spooky haunted house electro rock- with pulse bass, reverse needle-drop synth, and out-of-nowhere horror drums.

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    12. Two Guitars


    GOODING; Two sparkling and dueling electric guitars, fx pedals turned to 11. Swirling and hypnotic.