KING-021 The Funk Rock Chronicles cover

KING-021 The Funk Rock Chronicles


Guitar riffs, spunky bass-lines, vocal samples and horns join forces to create a dynamic take on a classic sound, with a contemporary twist.

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    1. 3X


    GOODING; A heavy industrial flair and fun vocal samples abound, with break beats for added flair.

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    2. Bootsinator


    GOODING; Funky lead guitar and playful electric piano provide a jam band vibe.

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    3. Bruiseface


    GOODING; Funky and Fun mid tempo track has a mischievous pulsing energy provided by groovy bass lines.

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    4. Split Pea Boat


    GOODING; Funky urban beat and distorted bass help support a bluesy country groove.

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    5. Baby


    GOODING; Live bass and guitar over quirky percussion and muddy beat loop.

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    6. Breaker 1-9


    GOODING; Quirky 70’s funk with vocal samples, horn blasts and Latin flairs add a unique sound.

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    7. Chop Chop


    GOODING; Distorted live drums and funk bass and guitar, simple and grooving mid-tempo track.

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    8. Commercial Free


    GOODING; Hooky vocal samples and slide guitar create a funky urban track with a country flair.

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    9. Dig


    GOODING; Electric and acoustic guitars play off each other, supported by funky bass lines and break beats.

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    10. Funk Cue


    GOODING; Wobbly bass and chimes provide an ethereal yet fun vibe.

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    11. Gilligan


    GOODING; Dark bass lines, and ominous slide guitar lay the groundwork for swelling and hooky strings.

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    12. Junkie Weight


    GOODING; Catchy guitar stabs create a driving and melodic hook.

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    13. Marie Laveaux


    GOODING; An urban beat and edgy and distorted guitar and bass parts create an ominous and sinister tone.

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    14. The Big Fishies


    GOODING; A funky organ keeps pace with a groovy guitar solo.

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    15. The Valley


    GOODING; Chimes, funk guitar, and urban beats combine for a fun mid-tempo track.