KING-002 Cinematic Indie Guitar cover

KING-002 Cinematic Indie Guitar


Expressive, sweeping and climactic post rock with a dramatic weight.

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    1. An Ounce More Sleep


    STARLESS; Lush and introspective post rock instrumental with a haunting glow to its reverberating strummed guitar.

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    2. Letters to My Future Self


    STARLESS; Mid tempo rising post rock instrumental that is at once warm and sad, peaceful and sensitive, introspective and attuned.

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    3. Belladonna


    STARLESS; Building and dramatic post rock instrumental has the weight and energy of a moment of the upmost significance with a motivational and sweeping feel.

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    4. Starchaser


    STARLESS; Down tempo post rock instrumental with swelling synth that gives way to a building and proud plucked guitar climax.

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    5. Famous Last Words


    STARLESS; Anticipatory post rock instrumental that opens with a sparse reverb guitar and builds to a smooth climax.

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    6. Goliath Meet David


    STARLESS; Understated post rock instrumental that starts at a somewhat dark and moody place but, with the aid of a soft snare drum, progresses to an accepting and hopeful climax.

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    7. Hope Springs Eternal


    STARLESS; Haunting instrumental with an edgy and cold quality to it featuring am ambient plucked guitar that echoes into the abyss as a subtle bass drum eases the flow.

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    8. Mystics and Outlaws


    STARLESS; Medium tempo atmospheric post rock featuring glockenspiel and vocal textures.

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    9. The Dream State


    STARLESS; Vast and powerful post rock instrumental with a mid-point that breaks way to a minor progression with sung “oohs”.

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    10. Wall of Stars


    STARLESS; Reverberating and impactful post rock instrumental featuring minimalist guitar, marching snare, and warm ambient synth textures.