KING-007 Ghosts of the Bayou cover

KING-007 Ghosts of the Bayou


Dark, haunting and cinematic rock score with a rural feel. There’s a voice in the dark bayou calling your name. Should you answer?

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    1. Goldsboro


    GOODING; Medium tempo and atmospheric banjo driven post rock that builds to an intense rock guitar back-end.

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    2. Lockstep Brigade


    GOODING; Medium tempo, dreamy and unsettling acoustic rock featuring the banjo, eastern percussion and moody synths.

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    3. Lisbon Falls


    GOODING; Uplifting indie instrumental with a haunting and childlike bell-tone hook and fresh contemporary rock sensibilities evocative of twee-folk contemporaries.

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    4. The Old World


    GOODING; Medium tempo, mysterious and haunting instrumental featuring a banjo-turned-sitar evoking desolate Eastern European forests.

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    5. Walking Distance


    GOODING; Medium tempo shuffling atmospheric country rock featuring banjo, clockwork percussion and pounding timpani.

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    6. Future Ghosts


    GOODING; Down tempo haunting soundscape gives way to an edgy mood-tune, smoothly paced with a lyrical bass line, subtle beat loops, and an expressive banjo.

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    7. One Week


    GOODING; Medium tempo, blissed out heavenly post rock featuring banjo and dreamy synth.

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    8. Horse Thief Canyon


    GOODING; Down tempo, beautifully sparse, moody instrumental featuring contemplative reverberating guitar that bounces off of exotic hand drums.

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    9. Seven Mistakes


    GOODING; Medium tempo, dark and dramatic hybrid fusing reverberating banjos with orchestral hand drums and middle eastern sensibilities.

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    10. Wheatfields and Satellites


    GOODING; Medium tempo, simple and sweet instrumental featuring a warm acoustic guitar accompanied by subtle banjo.