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(KING-005) Looking For Signs

January 31, 2014 2:07:57pm

I don’t believe in superstition
Don’t believe in the happy end
Don’t think that there’s any justice
Or that the good guys always win
Don’t believe in an instant karma
Or kings would have to tow the line
I don’t think Gods got all of us in mind

But I’m looking for signs
I don’t believe in the ever after
Or that sorry works for all my sins
I don’t believe God wants me scared
Or that money can make amends
I don’t believe in the corporation
Smiling while death it waits inside
The big machines still keeping us in line

But I’m looking for signs
Not sure that there’s any truth here
None that you and I could find
There will be another war
See the lobby for date and time
I don’t believe in apathy
And I don’t believe we shouldn’t try
I think we have to bleed before we shine

And I’m looking for signs…