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(KING-012) Ups and Downs

January 31, 2014 2:25:49pm

Don’t know what the next day’ll bring
I’ll sit on this chair and sing
I’m gonna let the world just come on round

Don’t know if it’s truth I got
I know it’s something cant be taught
You wait it out til it finally makes a sound…

Ups and downs
To the sky/ To the ground- she’ll come around
Ups and downs

Use to force about everything
In my cage with flapping wings
My heart was beating hard couldn’t hear a sound
Used to push back at everything
At any song that I couldn’t sing
I cant hold a note any better now but I can listen….and it’s

Ups and downs
To the sky- to the ground
She’ll come around

Wasted time I when looked ahead
Had it all but it all felt dead
Couldn’t stop and feel what I already knew

Pity girl is no place to live
That’s a place you haunt with no gifts to give
The lesson wont show itself til you stop your sound…

Ups and downs
To the sky- to the ground (in the sky- or on the ground)
She’ll come around