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Our 100% Writer/Publisher, un-retitled tracks are written by everyone from road-warrior rock musicians, to street-level hip hop artists, to orchestral composers.

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Kingdom 2’s New Beginnings

July 2, 2012 2:14:00pm

Last week, ten albums of Kingdom 2’s music were made available through APM Music, marking the beginning of a partnership that will include the entirety of Kingdom 2’s current catalogue, as well as the music K2 produces in the future. Over the coming months APM will be incorporating K2’s catalogue ten albums at a time, and while we’ll certainly be excited about each new addition, there’s always something special about firsts.

In many ways these first ten albums represent something akin to a mission statement. So often when we talk about music, we focus on its differences. Country fans and metalheads rarely see what they have in common. The thing is, we’re really standing on opposite ends of a venn diagram, and the middle ground is bigger than we imagine. This middle ground can be hard to hear though, mostly because it’s more ethereal than it is sonic. Everyone who has ever had a favorite album, song or band knows what it’s like to get “the feeling.” It’s sensational, transportational, an otherworldly experience. It transcends genres. This is the middle ground. Common ground, we’ll call it, lest someone confuse it for “middling.” When we listen to music, whether we know it or not, this “feeling” is what we’re pursuing.

The need for this “feeling” is multiplied when the intention is to couple music with images. When the coupling is successful, a synergy of senses is achieved. It is with this goal in mind that Kingdom 2 approaches music. While these albums and artists span several different genres, they each maintain a high level of artistic integrity, authenticity and quality.

In the interest of pairing sounds and images, it’s important and necessary to be aware of the worlds that each live in. We cannot be oblivious to our environment—we must work within it while also pushing its boundaries. With that in mind, this first batch of albums addresses a variety of trends present in the sonic atmosphere of today’s media. “Cinematic Indie Guitar” features a collection of moody and climactic songs reminiscent of the sounds favored by popular network dramas. “Massive Hip Hop” marks the unveiling of Kingdom 2’s collaboration with Hip Hop group RDT and has a current vibe that fits comfortably into the urban scene. And “Pop Americana” has a unique roots-inspired indie-vibe that puts it in a class of its own.

We hope that you enjoy these ten albums as much as we do. Whatever your preferred genre is, wherever your taste leads you, we hope that you continue to search for “the feeling” within our catalogue. We can promise you that we certainly will.