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K2 is an LA-based music licensing company providing authentic songs, cues, sound design, and custom scores for film, TV, videogames, websites, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our 100% Writer/Publisher, un-retitled tracks are written by everyone from road-warrior rock musicians, to street-level hip hop artists, to orchestral composers.

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K2 Celebrates APM Music’s 30th with Music From the 80’s

March 4, 2013 2:16:00pm

The 80’s were a turbulent time. The Brat Pack dominated the entertainment landscape. Kevin Bacon charmed his way into the hearts of America (with a brief detour for a dance break in a warehouse). Leg warmers assured the populace that no ankle would ever go chilly again. And in the music scene, snare drums had the sizzle of a shimmering cloud while guitars were let loose and noodled out wandering solos, all supported by the confident foundation of a Roland D-50 synthesizer.

And through all the glitz, gloss and glamour of a decade trying to find its way, APM Music was born.

So, to celebrate APM’s 30 years, Kingdom 2 announces its release of a batch of authentic, pitch-perfect 80’s music. Filled with all the signature sounds of a decade long long ago, Kingdom 2’s three just-released albums are sure to complement any project that has a hankering for nostalgic recollection.

Journey to the Center of the 80’s (KING 67) features some of Pop/Rock artist Steven Michaels’ most iconic work. Serpentine electric guitar solos dominate the scene, complemented by piano solos, synth strings, and drum breaks. Also notable in this collection are the power ballads. At times romantic and sensual, other times full out rocking and utterly danceable, these ballads are sure to bring out the parachute pants in even the most jaded modernist.

Green Eggs and Glam 80’s R&B (KING 68) is one smooth devil, and also features a pun in its title so, you’re welcome. Synthesizers are the MVP of this record. Urban beats, electronic pad textures, synth piano, and often ominous and melodromatic guitar solos blend together to create an album that are truly R&B inspired, but also meander through funk, pop, and jazz.

80’s Guitar God Rock (KING 68) is the granddaddy of them all. Michaels lets his freak flag fly and he does so with style and grace. You’re welcome to search for a more penetrating and technically astute demonstration of the guitar solo but it might require the use of a time machine. This album is the genuine article. Michaels’ use of the guitar solo does not linger in the realm of screaming showy spark-rock. Rather, it weaves through a variety of textures to truly tell a story. Inspired by prog rock, this album contains some truly epic songs that stretch on through a series of movements.
Kingdom 2 is thrilled to celebrate APM’s 30th birthday and couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to let our collection of 80’s music loose on an otherwise unsuspecting world. Break out your spandex and hypercolor t-shirts; it’s time to ride atop the wave of a 20-minute solo.