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Gooding Embarks on Summer Tour

June 28, 2013 2:17:00pm

Kingdom 2 CEO and artist, Gooding, kicked off his 2013 Summer Tour on June 11th! After polishing off the final mixes on a new batch of Kingdom 2 music, including the upcoming Motorcycle Blues (KING 92), Gooding and his band of brothers hit the road in their Eco-Truck. The tour truck, which features giant Kingdom 2 and Gooding logo, “Lil Red,” plastered on both sides, runs off of recycled fry oil and was built and fully paid for by a fan-funding campaign.

The band recently brought their signature roots rock sound to the stages of Michele Clark’s famous Sunset Sessions. After a series of shows, radio interviews and TV appearances, including Entertainment Tonight, it was back to Los Angeles for a Mainstage show at The Roxy on June 20th.

Never one to grant himself downtime, Gooding’s tour also features several speaking engagements and charitable appearances. Gooding has become recognized throughout the Midwest for his Financial Literacy Tour, which finds the band traveling from high school to high school to play a concert and then speak to students about the importance of financial responsibility. Educators have commented that they’ve never before seen their students so engaged with a lecture about a topic as seemingly dry as money management. Perhaps it takes a dose of rock music to get kids to listen!

Also included on the 2013 tour docket was a stop at South by Southwest, where Gooding appeared on a panel with APM Music President, Adam Taylor, and KCRW DJ, Chris Douridas. The panel, called “Writing for Music Libraries” served as a perfect opportunity for Gooding to discuss the realities of being a consistently touring rock musician and CEO/Composer of a licensing company.

Gooding also made his annual stopover at The Conference of World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. The conference, who’s mission is to bring people together from all walks of life to discuss everything from climate change to national security to world hunger, also includes several music performances. At this year’s conference, Gooding played a show, jammed with a jazz ensemble and was part of seven panel discussions. In the past, Gooding has used his status as PCRM Committee Member (alongside Bill Maher and Ellen Degeneres) to lead panels about animal rights and the importance of non-animal-based research methods.

While on the road, Gooding will use his portable mobile-rig to continue crafting albums for Kingdom 2’s ever-expanding library, including a follow-up to Drums for Daisy (KING 90), which recently had two tracks in the trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s upcoming Don Jon. Check back on MyAPM soon to listen to what’s new.