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Our 100% Writer/Publisher, un-retitled tracks are written by everyone from road-warrior rock musicians, to street-level hip hop artists, to orchestral composers.

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Kingdom 2 Features “Courts Racetracks and Arenas” Series

January 25, 2016 2:18:00pm

Kingdom 2 is happy to announce the 4th volume of it’s acclaimed “Courts, Racetracks, and Arenas” albums. Filled with high-octane fun, slamming guitar performances, and empowering and inspiring jams, these albums create an atmosphere of fun and energy.

Kingdom 2 has already seen a lot of success with its first few Courts, Racetracks, and Arenas volumes, which are designed specifically for sports and sports entertainment shows. The music has been heard on everything from Monday Night Football, Nascar, MLB Channel to the 2012 London Olympics.

Filled with fuzzed out bass, huge guitar solos, enormous drums, and chanting crowds, the Courts, Racetracks, and Arenas series became an instant favorite among clients. Because of its huge energy and bombastic nature, the music can also be heard on many reality programs, which need an extra kick to move their stories along.

If there’s anything this series of albums does, it provides all the extra kick you need.