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Kingdom 2 Music welcomes artist Carter Hulsey

September 10, 2018 10:45:00am

Kingdom 2 Music welcomes artist Carter Hulsey

Los Angeles CA— Kingdom 2 Music is proud to have teamed up with one of our all-time favorite songwriters and touring artists from the deep musical grounds of Nashville, Tennessee, Carter Hulsey.
Carter has Toured all of North America with bands like Never Shout Never, The Early November, Cory Branan and countless others. He has released 5 Lps, and was invited for a private tour of the Pentagon.

Carter and his band have been touring with Gooding across the country throughout 2018 doing work for the charity, Funding The Future. The charity’s aim is to make “financial literacy” a requirement in every high school throughout America.

Carter is now focusing some of his extraordinary talents on composing music for film and television with Kingdom 2. He just crafted a beautiful record alongside Kingdom 2’s CEO, Gooding.

KING 0177- “Heartfelt and Uplifting Americana Vol. 2: Summer Nights” is based on his authentic, organic and timeless writing and recording techniques. We know that you will enjoy this well blended mix of Americana, Rock and all around good-feeling songs that you can chant and dance along to. These songs will work great for film, TV, trailers and advertising, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

More about Carter at his website here: